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  Whether you’re out to score a new outfit, or are in need of style inspo, the Forever 21 APP is your source for the latest fashion.

  Available for both iPad and iphone, and optimized for iPhone 5, the official Forever 21 app lets you play games, scan barcodes, shop, swipe through style inspirations, get exclusive mobile offers, and find your nearest store.

  Features include

  -PLAY Weekly word searches, puzzles and games to keep your sense of style sharp!

  -#F21XME Check out how F21 fans around the world are styling their outfits in the #F21XME gallery, then submit your own!

  -BARCODE SCAN Can’t find your size in store? Want to show off the new outfit you just bough to your social circle? Just scan the barcode to shop, share, and save.

  -LOOKBOOK Swipe through looks created by our top stylists. Share the ones you love, or shop the look to make it your own.

  -DEALS All our current sales, promotions, and exclusive mobile offers in one place. Plus, it’s badged on the home screen so you know how many you have.

  -GPS STORE LOCATOR *IMPROVED* Use your current location to find the nearest Forever 21, what lines it carries and how late its open.

  -NEW ARRIVALS We’re adding hundreds of new items a day! Be the first one to see them come in.

  -SHOP Browse and buy on the go with the shop section.

  The perfect tool for holiday shopping, or for just finding the right dress for a big night out, Forever 21 mobile has you covered.

  ***Available for shopping only in the US. Other countries to be added in the future***

Forever 21
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