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  Industry Standard Compatible SLC NAND Flash Family

  Winbond, is offering a family of industry standard SLC NAND Flash memories to service the lower density code storage SLC NAND segment in the 1Gb to 8Gb density range. SLC NAND Flash products are direct drop-in replacement to the equivalent products in the industry from different suppliers and products are fully compatible. The command set, the interface and the packages are the same as other suppliers provide. Winbond feature set is a superset of the features that other suppliers offer.


  Competitive Advantage & Applications

  Winbond SLC NAND only needs 1 bit ECC, and any platforms with NAND interface can access it directly. These NAND products offer a page size of 2048+64 Bytes which is large enough to accommodate 4-bit ECC operation and can offer a more robust NAND solution compared to the competition. Cache read/program operation on these NAND devices provide a higher performance and these are used in multiple applications including Internet of Things, Automotive, Networking, Storage, Set-Top-Box, DSL & Cable modems, Digital TV, Mobile phones, Printers, Industrial and other applications.


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